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Dry Ice near me? Can Dry Ice keep in a fridge? What is Dry Ice? You can find the answers to all of our most asked Dry Ice questions below:

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is a solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CO2 occurs naturally in our atmosphere and can be recaptured, solidified and turned into dense blocks that have a very low temperature, causing the dry ice to be extremely cold and should not be handled with bare hands. 

Instead of melting, Dry Ice slowly sublimates, meaning it releases gases off.

Where can I buy Dry Ice near me?

MacGas Dry Ice is sold to walk in/retail customers in Genoa Illinois, and commercially throughout the midwest. 

To pick up Dry Ice at our Genoa IL warehouse, call (888) 612-2669  to set up a pick up time.

What is Dry Ice used for?

Dry Ice is used for both retail and commercial uses. For commercial use, Dry Ice is used for food processing, home delivery, healthcare, ice blasting and cleaning. For retail and consumer use, Dry Ice is used for keeping food cold in a cooler for outdoor activities, school science projects, creating fog for halloween and holiday decorations and keeping perishable items cold in a refrigerator when the power goes out.

Can Dry Ice burn you?

If you do not handle dry ice properly, it can be dangerous. Dry Ice has an extremely cold temperature and should never come in contact with bare skin. When handling Dry Ice always use protective gear like insulated gloves or tongs. 

Will Dry Ice keep in the freezer?

If you have a working fridge and freezer, you should not put dry ice in your freezer. It can cause a working freezer to stop working properly. However, if you refrigerator stops working or you experience a power outage for a prolonged period of time, dry ice can help keep perishable items cold.

Can I put Dry Ice into a cooler?

To store or transport dry ice, use an insulated container that is not tightly sealed. As dry ice sublimates, it reverts back to its original form of carbon dioxide gas. That gas will start build up so you need to ensure you have a window open while transporting your dry Ice. If the dry ice starts to gas off and builds up in a confined area, it may be difficult to breathe. 

When Dry Ice is handled with care and caution, it is a great tool to keep your items cold.

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