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MacGas has food grade dry ice

What is food grade dry ice and why is it important.

Green dry ice bin with dry ice pellets
MacGas Dry Ice bin

Food grade dry ice refers to dry ice that meets specific safety and purity standards for use in the food industry. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that is extremely cold (-78.5°C or -109.3°F) and sublimates (turns directly from a solid to a gas) without leaving any residue.

When dry ice is used in the food industry, it is crucial that it does not contaminate the food or pose any health risks. Food grade dry ice is manufactured and handled with extra care to ensure it is safe for use with food products. Here are some key characteristics of food grade dry ice:

  1. Purity: Food grade dry ice is made from high-quality, pure carbon dioxide. It is free from any additives or contaminants that could be harmful to human health.

  2. Handling: The manufacturing and handling processes of food grade dry ice follow strict guidelines to prevent any contamination.

  3. Packaging: Food grade dry ice is typically packaged in a way that minimizes the risk of contact with other substances and ensures it is safe to use with food.

  4. Traceability: Food grade dry ice should be traceable back to its source, ensuring accountability and quality control.

MacGas food grade dry ice is commonly used in the food industry for various purposes, such as freezing, meat grinding and cooling food products during transportation, storage, and display.

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